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Kadinlarla Dayanişma Vakfi
Women's Solidarity Foundation, KADAV

Gaziosmanpaşa cd. 10
41135 Köseköy- Kocaeli

Aslihan Akatli
Phone + 90 262 373 58 43
Fax + 90 262 373 61 12
E-mail: yeniadimsitesi@gmail.com

Women's Solidarity Foundation (KADAV), is a women's organization established shortly after the August 17, 1999 earthquake in the Gulf of Marmara by a broad women's platform gathered in Istanbul to be in solidarity with the women debilitated and left without socio-economic support after the earthquake. Throughout its operation in the earthquake region KADAV has developed and executed mid and long term projects and still continues their implementation. The Istanbul based Foundation has 40 members including its founders, 15 active volunteers and project staff.

The goal of KADAV, which become a legal entity in July 2001, is to formulate instruments and opportunities providing women with power and freedom and enabling women's economic and social empowerment and to prepare consciousness raising activities against economic violence and to establish solidarity in every field.

In accord with its goal and reason d'etre and in line with all its work, KADAV takes special care to conduct its current and future program with a perspective and approach that will contribute into the participating women's ability to change and transform their own existing gender roles.