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Männerberatung Graz


Men's Counseling Centre Graz
Bischofsplatz 1
A-8010 Graz

Contact: Christian Scambor
Tel/Fax +43 316 831414
E-mail: scambor@maennerberatung.at

Männerberatung Graz (Men's Counseling Centre Graz) is a NPO. It was founded in 1996. Its activities cover the province of Styria. The centre is located in Graz, Austria, with a branch office in Leoben.

The center's aim is to provide men and male youngsters with gender specific services, as well as to do networking, education and training, fostering the public discussion about men's and gender issues and research (men's studies, gender studies). Combining

  • psycho-social work within a network of regional services,
  • research activities and
  • dissemination via networking, training, education and participating in the public discussion

results in an integrated multi-level access to men in our society.

The Research Institute at Men's Counselling Centre Graz is working in the areas men's studies, gender studies, gender analyses in organizations and various policy fields, intervention research and evaluation.