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Social Innovation Fund

Social Innovation Fund, SIF
Savanoriu pr. 1
LT-44255 Kaunas

Contact: Liudmila Mecajeva
Phone +370 37 206575; +370 37 208331
Fax +370 37 206575; +370 37 208331
E-mail: L.Mecajeva@lpf.lt


Description of the Social Innovation Fund

The Social innovation fund (SIF) is a non-governmental educational organisation, established in 1994, which acts at community, national and European / international levels. SIF has wide experience in networking on lifelong education of socially and economically disadvantaged target groups of citizens, both women and men, and is very active in the field of gender equality and family education. SIF is actively engaged in influencing public policy towards implementing the Law of Equal Opportunities for men and women in Lithuania. The Social Innovation Fund has experience in coordinating the Socrates project "Wo-men: Gender Equality Creates Democracy" and participating in the Socrates project "Committed parents: Training Course to Work with Migrant Parents in Family Education". This creates a good background for SIF's participation in this project: through active participation in family learning oriented projects and wide networking, SIF has gained and offers valuable expertise to work with the project target groups and disseminate the project products.