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University of Girona

University of Girona

Universitat de Girona
Campus Montilivi s/n 17017


Phone (+34) 972418724
Fax (+34) 972418032
E-mail alfons.romero@udg.es, pabril@uoc.edu

The University of Girona was established in 1991 in accordance with the Establishment Act approved by the Parliament of Catalonia.

The UdG has seven teaching centres: the Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, Faculty of Education Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts, Advanced Polytechnic School and University School of Nursing.

In these centres, courses are taught leading to 38 different qualifications (degrees, engineering degrees, diplomas, advanced degrees, and degrees in architecture and technical engineering). These departments and research institutes are the sections of the University which run research programmes and organise the content of the courses in each field of knowledge, while at the same time as imparting doctorate studies.

The students of the UdG (more than 13,500 in the academic year 2005-6) are organised through their representative body, the Students' Council.

The Faculty of Education and Psychology of the University is the partner of Gender Loops Project. The Girona School for Teachers was created in 1844 to provide teacher training courses for men. Courses for women did not begin until 1914. Currently one of its main objectives is to work on diversity and gender.

Another important institution of the University for this project is the GUITF (Girona University Innovation and Training Foundation). The main objective of the GUITF is to respond, at an advanced level, to the training needs of both individuals and organisations which, in a developed society such as ours, are constantly growing.